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Company profile

Company profile

Akerchem Corp. manufactures high-quality chemical and pharmaceutical products at competitive prices. We are committed to establishing a long-term partnership with our customers on the basis of high quality standards for our services and products
Our professional R&D team is of exceptional ability to undertake the tasks of custom synthesis, chemical process, procedure optimization, and technical support. Our manufacturing facility is newly designed and built representing current state of the art in bulk chemical production.
All Akerchem products are subjected to rigorous quality control standards by our QC team. Akerchem requires all staff to adhere to agreed service standards at all times to ensure our high quality of products.
Akerchemm is dedicated towards providing the high-level services to the industrial community of life-science research and pharmaceutical drug development. ...


Our service advantage

Akerchem provide first class service by responding quickly to your inquiries, offering competitive prices, many unique products, timely shipments, and by providing competent technical support.

Akerchem's scientists and facilities support the full chemical production pipeline, from process design and development to pilot and full-scale commercial production. We can help clients at any step, to devise or refine a synthesis, to scale up an existing process, and to manufacture and ship a commercial chemical product, helping you avoid the extra risk and time loss that come from multiple project transfers.

Akerchem is a company of people dedicated to delivering best-value services and solutions based on innovative chemistry technologies. We pursue customer satisfaction as our mission.

Chemistry consultant

Akerchem team with in-depth knowledge on chemistry technologies is committed to address your technical needs and to provide professional support. In particular, we offer solutions to your chemical projects, method development for your synthesis, experimental design on detail reactions, and expertise advice on your project management. We also offer help...


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